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THine Announces Industry’s fastest and smallest ISP for 13-mega-pixel cameras


TOKYO (September 10, 2012) -- THine Electronics, Inc. (JASDAQ: 6769, “THine”), the global leader in high-speed serial interface and provider of mixed-signal LSI, today announced industry’s fastest-level and smallest* image signal processor (ISP) product, THP7212, for 13-mega-pixel cameras. THine has started its mass production and sales promotions to worldwide customers.

THP7212 is a new ISP for 13-mega-pixel cameras, corresponding to the market trends of smart phone cameras toward higher resolution. The new ISP product achieves as high resolution and quality as compact DSC by the world fastest-level throughput performance of resolution and frame rates, adopted by Japanese customers’ 2012 summer models of smart phones. In addition, THine receives THP7212 sample requests from various markets such as medical electronics, educational equipments and automotive drive recorder. THine can offer flexible supports on hardware and firmware in order to achieve customers’ needs and required functions.

The new ISP product has a unique feature that has no internal frame memory. THine’s original technology has succeeded in removing expensive frame memories that are generally required for movie image stabilizer functions and enables customers to reduce the energy consumption and costs significantly. Such frame memories usually have shorter product life cycles and may require model changes in the memory parts. However, THP7212, not stacking memory die internally, does not have risk of such parts replacements and is optimal for such markets as medical electronics, automotives, office and document processing, amusement, and securities that require long-term product supply.

Moreover, THP7212 enhances rich image signal processing functions and camera functions by THine’s original technologies not only with features of auto focus, auto white balance, and auto exposures, but also with hardware-based functions of face detection, effective dark area correction, movie image stabilizer, 2D to 3D conversion.
These rich functions are achieved high-speed processing by internal LSI hardware and THP7212 brings its users chances for perfect shot with startup time of 90 milliseconds. The new ISP product adopts a wafer level chip size package (WLCSP) of the industry’s smallest 3.8 mm x 3.8 mm and is miniaturized to one-fourth of the existing 13-mega- pixel ISP size.

THine plans to expand its ISP businesses, promoting new products for global smart phone markets, bringing new value for potential customers, using its synergy effects among image signal processing and high-speed interface.

■ Photo of the new ISP, THP7212

■ Features of THP7212
Sensor correction
- black level correction by color, defect pixel correction (consecution defects), lens shading correction, demosaicing, static dust correction
Adaptive image signal processing
- noise reduction, edge enhancement, multi axis color correction, Gamma correction, dark area correction, memory color correction
Auto functions
- auto exposure, auto focus (multi point, continuous), auto white balance, auto flicker cancel, auto strobe light dimmer, auto scene detection
Image processing
- hardware face detection, hardware movie image stabilizer, dual PLL, JPEG (SpeedTagsTM), digital zoom, resize, Horizontal mirror, hardware 2D to 3D conversion, special effects, peripheral control, LED flash, Xenon flash
- customizable firmware
- smallWLCSP 81 pins (3.8mm x 3.8mm x 0.61mm)

* based on THine’s research in ISP products for smart phone markets in volume production as of the release date
All other company or product names are the registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owner.