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THine releases the Newest V-by-One®HS product suitable for FHD TV and 4K TV


Tokyo (April 3, 2013) – THine Electronics, Inc. (JASDAQ: 6769), the global leader in high-speed serial interface and provider of mixed-signal LSI, today announced its newest V-by-One® HS product, THCV226, suitable for FHD TV and 4K TV.

V-by-One®HS technology has been developed by THine to deliver an advanced and valuable interface with higher-speed and lower-costs for digital equipment markets. Today V-by-One®HS is recognized as de facto standard as an internal interface of such equipments worldwide. The newest V-by-One®HS product, THCV226, offers more value of performance and costs, enhancing wider options for sophisticated customers in the high definition television markets.

THCV226 requires just one chip to receive digital data while the usual solution requires two chips. The newest V-by-One®HS product enables to reduce the footprint of print circuit board for receiving digital data, resulting in lower costs with higher definition.

THine Electronics Chief Executive Officer, Kazutaka Nogami noted, “V-by-One®HS has delivered values widely with higher-speed and lower costs solution and this advanced technology has currently been applied to various markets such as multi-function printer markets and industrial equipment markets. THine will continuously offer its original and innovative value for high-speed interface markets with features of lower space, lower costs, more noise-tolerant and longer transmission.”

Picture of THCV226

■Feature of THCV226
- V-by-One®HS Standard compliant
- Normal / High-speed LVDS output selectable
- Pixel clock frequency: Max. 157 MHz
- Color depth mode: 32bit/24bit
- Crossing / Distribution mode selectable
- 1.8VLVTTL I/O interface
- Functions of signal conditioning
- CDR requires no external frequency reference
- Package: 128pin 0.4mm-pitch TQFP
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