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Camera Solution

How to use a high-resolution camera module with USB output

As 4K TV is becoming commonplace these days, higher resolution images are required in all cameras. To generate beautiful, high-resolution images, an ISP is essential. Also, a high-speed transmission interface is necessary for subsequent processing.

THine Electronics, which is proud of its rich experience in developing ISP for smartphone cameras, through a joint project with Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, offers customers around the world a reference design that provides the solution for importing beautiful, high-resolution image to applications via the latest USB controller. It has been created through an entirely new combination: cutting-edge image processing technology and the most-advanced USB controller.

Three features with no peer

The reference design is a Time to Market solution made possible by our extensive experience in mobile applications, which enables users to immediately use surprisingly beautiful images with up to 13 mega pixels.

(1) Small package
By using a camera module for mobile devices, a super-small size as large as a golf ball has been achieved to broaden the range of possible applications.

(2) High Availability
Its kit is available for purchase online, allowing users to evaluate this solution quickly.

(3) Time To Market
The optimized ISP firmware is embedded in the reference design kit, enabling users to treat it as the final product, rapidly leading to mass production.
Because we have provided for numerous UVC standard device requests, users can customize it according to their required specifications.

System configuration

・13MP Camera Module:CMOS image sensor module
 Made by Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Co., LTD. Dedicated model number:P13V01N-203
・Image Signal Processor: THP7312(BGA)
Made by THine Electronics. The firmware, developed exclusively for the reference design, is embedded in the firmware for CX3.
・USB3.0 controller:CX3 (CYUSB3065-BZXI)
Made by Cypress. Capable up to 13MP at 21fps.
Automatically compatible with USB 2.0.
・THL6523:LED driver
Made by THine Electronics. Our standard LED driver containing know-how we gained mainly from display (backlight) industry.
*For detailed specifications, please refer to the product page or contact each company.

Flow to mass production

[1] Test / Evaluation
First, purchase the reference design kit and confirm it has the best image quality and USB control technology in the industry. The kit is sold on the website of e-con Systems.
[2] Design
To start development, the basic circuit diagram of the kit is provided by e-con Systems. The schematics around the ISP is provided by THine Electronics upon your request. For the application form (in English) for the circuit diagram around the ISP, please click here.
[3] Prototype / Mass Production
For trial production and mass production of your product, purchase each part from its supplier. 
[Suppliers of main parts]
・CX3:Cypress Semiconductor
・THL6523・THP7312・P13V01N-203:THine Electronics
  Whom to ASK Cypress e-con THine Web Site
1 RDK - - Click here
2 SDK for RDK
Schematics excl. THine
- Click here
Schematics for THine - - Click here
3 CX3 - - Click here
THP7312 - - Click here
P13V01N-203 - - Click here


Reference information

[Basic specifications]
・Many Output Sizes
13M 21fps
4K2K 30fps
Full-HD(1080p) 60fps
and more
・Maximum frame rate: 120fps
・YUV422, JPEG Output Selectable
・Auto Exposure
・Auto Focus
・Auto White Balance
・UVC Video Processing Amplifier Properties (Brightness, Hue, and more)
・LED Control
・Either USB3.0 and 2.0 mode supported
・Many UVC Standard Device Requests supported

For an outline of how to apply the reference design, please look at “applications [USB camera]”.

[Q] Is this RDK sold by THine?
[A] No. It is e-con Systems that sells this RDK based on the collaboration with Cypress Semiconductor and THine Electronics.

[Q] Why is an ISP necessary?
[A] Because the output from the high-resolution image sensor alone does not deliver images (recognizable by human eyes), an ISP is indispensable.
By the ISP adjusting the 3 As (auto exposure, auto focus, and auto white balance) of picture taking and reducing noise, beautiful images that consumers expect are produced.

[Q] Is it possible to change sensors? 
[A] Since the ISP firmware for the reference design is developed exclusively for the module (P13V01N-203) made by Sunny, it does not allow for any change in either sensor or module. For custom modifications, please contact our sales representative.

[Q] Can I change lenses?
[A] Since the ISP firmware for the reference design is developed exclusively for the module (P13V01N-203) made by Sunny, it does not allow for any change in either sensor or module. For custom modifications, please contact our sales representative.

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