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How to choose interfaces to those of prior and succeeding ICs?

Sometimes, the interface between ICs rules. How your business goes well depends on which one you choose from so many interfaces.

Business opportunity depends on the interface?


There is no perfect answer.
Especially for image processing ICs, it is required to apply to prior IC and meta IC.
If you pick one that is less demanded interface, so will be your business.


Case of image process IC


A customer having a high technology which is like RFC IC, had not decided which interfaces they will adopt.
If you took LVDS, you would loose customers who want V-by-One® HS, however, V-by-One® seemed not to be the only solution.

Proposal of THine Electronics


THine Electronics proposed the customer as follows:
(1) to let LVDS in (Rx) and V-by-One® HS out (Tx) for their IC
(2) to place bridge IC, if needed, depending on what their customer's IC (prior/meta IC)

THine Electronics knew there are many prior ICs which transmit LVDS, because their customers who make the prior ICs are THine's customers.
Also, V-by-One® HS is predominantly beneficial solution for cabling between boards.

THine Electronics can this proposal because THine has not only the know-how for concerned market but also very varied bridge ICs as THine's own products such as V-by-One® HS which THine itself invented and TTL/CMOS and LVDS for which THine has world's leading achievements and know-how.



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