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How to choose interfaces to those of prior and succeeding ICs?

Sometimes, the interface between ICs rules. How your business goes well depends on which one you choose from so many interfaces.

Wire Solution

Challenge to Power IC

As one of THine Electronics developments, We develop and sell LSI dealing with relatively higher voltage. For example, Power Management IC, LED Driver IC, Mortor Driver IC. We call them Power LSI.

Development Column

The pride of Production Master of fabless manufacturer

This page will introduce our stance toward the enhancement of customer satisfaction and the establishment of beneficial relationships with our subcontractors as I touch on the quality management system we have uniquely developed as a fabless manufacturer.

Production Column

Cause and Effect diagrams, one of QC 7 tools

There is a set of methods, called "QC 7 tools", to solve product quality problems.

Production Column

THine engineers not limited to electronics.

Many of you may think that all of our engineers specialize only in electronics, since we are an LSI manufacturer. In fact, THine Electronics is supported by engineers covering a broad range of fields, because designing and manufacturing LSIs requires various technologies.

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Nanometer world (process manufacturing)

THine electronics has close relationship with academic area. Because it is necessary to understand the essence of technology properly in order to bring top quality product which was non-existent in the industry. Although business is considered, we are willing to reach the very top of semiconductor from academic approach. This is the introduction of THine academy.

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