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How to reduce EMI

The more you want to transmit data, the more EMI bothers.

EMI Solution

How to reduce the number of cables between IC boards

The more data you want to transmit, the more wires/cables you need. It bothers you not only when you design the boards finding many wires require much space and searching for appropriate cables from huge cable list, but when you realize how much the cost will be. Here is one of the best solutions THine Electronics offers.

Wire Solution

Build camera-system

THine Electronics has key technologies to realize camera system, which are Image Signal Processor (ISP) and high speed interface.

Picture Solution

The very first story of V-by-One®, changes of HD→FHD→4K

V-by-One®, a de facto standard for next-generation high speed interface. This page shows the background of development of V-by-One® that you could never find anywhere other than here.

Planning Column

What's ISP? It is everywhere. Digital Camera, Security Camera, etc.

What is ISP? This is a frequently asked question. We are going to explain about ISP which will become something familiar to our lives.

Development Column

How to respond to cost reduction requirement

Cost reduction is very important issue at all time. When the production comes to mature period, or when adopting new product concept model, THine Electronics propose solutions knowing the customer's concern.

Cost Solution

How to trust the production process of a fabless semiconductor company.

Some customers are worried about the quality assurance of a fabless semiconductor company, imaging it might be left to the manufacturing subcontractors. THine Electronics proudly thinks there is no inferiority to those who owns fabs.

Support Solution